Mark Seaman

Inventor, Teacher, Writer



Mark's career as a college professor was launched with the writing "The Leverage Principle - A Practical Guide to Software Development". In 2017 he started teaching Web Development and Software Engineering as an Adjunct professor at the University of Northern Colorado.

He has taught for the past five years at UNC and taught 450 students. He has also developed three complete courses with Lessons, Videos, Projects, and Demos.

  • Web Pages using HTML/CSS
  • Web Scripting using PHP/MySQL
  • Web Apps using Python
  • Software Engineering Skills

His unique approach to teaching is rooted in decades of commercial software development. He is passionate about teaching practical skills for the modern workplace.

Mark enjoys mentoring others in the craft of software engineering.

Corporate Software Teams

  • trained software developers to use cutting edge technologies

College Professor

  • currently teaching web development at University of Northern Colorado

Web Development Courses

self-paced training in web development skills

BACS 200 - Web Pages

Web Design and Development for Small Business

BACS 350a - Web Apps with Python

Web Development with Python & Postgres

BACS 350b - Web Apps with PHP

Web Development with PHP & MySQL