Mark Seaman

Inventor, Teacher, Writer




Mark is an early adopter of technology. He was the first person in Greeley, Colorado to use Scrum. He holds 12 international patents and is one of the world's experts in OCR.

He worked as a corporate software developer and architect for Hewlett-Packard Company before founding Shrinking World Solutions. He has build well over 100 complete software systems with other team members.

In recent years, Mark has mostly worked solo, and built 1-2 major software applications each year. As a believer in Open Source Software, Mark is a frequent contributor to several projects.

He has personally written around 1,500,000 lines of code on 120 projects. He is currently writing about 200 lines of code each day. His favorite programming language is Python.

Mark enjoys creating simple solutions to complex technical problems.


An early adopter of technology. First person in Greeley, Colorado to use Scrum. Holder of 12 international patents. One of the world's experts in OCR.


  • personally written a million lines of code on 80 software projects
  • pioneer of agile software practices and new technologies
  • founder of Shrinking World Solutions an engineering and training company
  • 39 years of professional software development


  • Mark has experience developing products in a variety of software domains from control systems to digital imaging and Optical Character Recognition
  • Been granted 12 United States Patents
    • my patents* Expert in best practices of software development
  • Early pioneer in software testing and automation techniques


  • MyBookOnline - web publishing platform
  • Sensei Digital Classroom - teaching web service for online courses
  • Hammer - website construction kit
  • Tesseract - OCR technology open-source project


  • Learning new skills is an essential part of life.
  • Mark has always been fascinated by software development and how the world wide web allows us to powerfully express our humanity
  • Regularly uses 20 different languages and frameworks


Founded Shrinking World in 2007 to provide engineering and training services.

Software Development

Built 2-3 medium sized software applications a year for 40 years.

Personally written around 2,000,000 lines of code on 120 projects.

Software Architect

Work for Hewlett-Packard in R & D for 25 years.

Built high-volume software products that sold millions of copies.